Thomas Tallis

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Dit artikel is gesjreve (of begós) in 't Mestreechs. Laes hie wie v'r mit de versjillende saorte Limburgs ómgaon.

Thomas Tallis (ca. 1505, woersjijnlek in de buurt vaan Dover - 23 november 1585 Greenwhich) is 'ne Ingelse kompenis in de renaissancemeziek. Heer waor actief in de zeventienden iew en is bekind um zien vocaol meziek, zoewie de kompesitie The Lamentations of Jeremiah (1560-1569). Heer weurt gezeen es eine vaan de belaangriekste compeniste oet de historie vaan Ingeland.

Wèrke[bewirk | brón bewèrke]

Mèsse[bewirk | brón bewèrke]

  • Missa Salve intemerata
    • Salve Intemerata: Gloria
    • Salve Intemerata: Credo
    • Salve Intemerata: Sanctus & Benedictus
    • Salve Intemerata: Agnus Dei
  • Missa Puer natus est nobis
    • Mass: Puer natus est nobis: Gloria
    • Mass: Puer natus est nobis: Credo
    • Mass: Puer natus est nobis: Sanctus & Benedictus
    • Mass: Puer natus est nobis: Agnus Dei
  • Mass for Four Voices
    • Gloria
    • Credo
    • Sanctus
    • Benedictus
    • Agnus Dei
  • Kyrie: Deus Creator

Latien wèrk[bewirk | brón bewèrke]

  • Absterge Domine
  • Audivi Vocem De Coelo (Responsory for Matins)
  • Ave Dei Patris Filia (Votive antiphon)
  • Ave rosa sine spinis (Votive antiphon)
  • Derelinquat Impius
  • Domine, Quis Habitabit
  • Dum transisset Sabbatum (Responsory for Matins)
  • Gaude gloriosa Dei mater (Votive antiphon)
  • In Ieiunio Et Fletu
  • In Manus Tuas (Responsory for Compline)
  • In Pace In Idipsum (Responsory for Compline)
  • Jam Christus astra ascenderat (Vespers hymn)
  • Jesu Salvator saeculi (Compline hymn)
  • Lamentations of Jeremiah I
  • Lamentations of Jeremiah II
  • Laudate Dominum
  • Loquebantur variis linguis (Responsory for Vespers)
  • Miserere Nostri
  • O Nata Lux De Lumine (Hymn for Lauds)
  • O Sacrum Convivium Antiphon for Magnificat)
  • O Salutaris Hostia
  • Quod Chorus Vatum (Vespers hymn)
  • Salvator Mundi (two versions)
  • Salve intemerata virgo (Votive antiphon)
  • Sancte Deus (Jesus antiphon)
  • Sermone Blando (Hymn for Lauds)
  • Spem In Alium
  • Suscipe quaeso
  • Te Lucis Ante Terminum (Ferial)
  • Te Lucis Ante Terminum (Festal)
  • Videte Miraculum (Responsory for Vespers)

Ingelse kèrkdeensmeziek[bewirk | brón bewèrke]

  • Preces (1st Set)
  • Preces (2nd Set)
  • Christ Rising Again from the Dead
  • Venite
  • Te Deum
  • Benedictus
  • Responses And Collects For Easter Matins
  • Litany
  • Magnificat
  • Nunc Dimittis
  • Responses And Collects For Christmas Eve Evensong
  • Commandments
  • Credo
  • Offertory Sentence
  • Sanctus
  • Gloria

Ingelse volksleder[bewirk | brón bewèrke]

  • O Lord, Give Thy Holy Spirit
  • Purge Me, O Lord
  • Verily, Verily I Say Unto You
  • Remember Not, O Lord God
  • O Lord, In Thee Is All My Trust
  • Out From The Deep
  • Remember Not, O Lord God
  • Hear The Voice And Prayer
  • If Ye Love Me
  • A New Commandment
  • Wherewithal Shall A Young Man
  • O Do Well Unto Thy Servant
  • My Soul Cleaveth To The Dust
  • Wipe Away My Sins
  • Forgive Me, Lord, My Sin
  • Blessed Are Those That Be Undefiled
  • Arise, O Lord, And Hear
  • With All Our Hearts
  • I Call And Cry To Thee
  • O Sacred And Holy Banquet
  • When Jesus Went Into Simon The Pharisee’s House
  • Blessed Be Thy Name
  • O Praise The Lord II
  • Sing and Glorify Heaven's High Majesty
  • Archbishop Parker's Psalter
    • Man Blest No Doubt (Psalm 1)
    • Let God Arise In Majesty Psalm 68
    • Why Fum'th In Fight (Psalm 2, tune known as the third mode melody, see also Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis)
    • O Come In One To Praise The Lord (Psalm 95)
    • E'en Like The Hunted Hind (Psalm 42)
    • Expend, O Lord, My Plaint (Psalm 5)
    • Why Brag'st In Malice High (Psalm 52)
    • God Grant With Grace (Psalm 67, tune known as Tallis' Canon)
    • Ordinal (Veni Creator)
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