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W?FThis Wikimedian opposes rebranding the WMF as Wikipedia.

Wikimedia Foundation RGB logo with text.svgThis user opposes the Wikimedia Foundation's arbitrary, opaque, and dictatorial office-banning of administrators when the community and ArbCom are more than capable of handling the issue themselves.

I have a lot to say and I have changed my mind about a bunch of things. (those concerned know what I'm talking about) However, I'm not sure it is the right time now to go into any details. Update: I may add more details in episodes as time goes on. Dropping a big pile of text is unlikely to be helpful.

@Majora: please don't leave. Majora, you will be missed. Face-sad.svg Thank you for everything you contributed to Commons.

Episode 1: Zhuyifei

There is one thing I want to say right now: Zhuyifei is responsible for what Zhuyifei does, as everyone is. But I should have discouraged Zhuyifei from participating in this mess. But what I did was the opposite. I am deeply sorry I did that. There is no proper excuse. We are all human and we all make mistakes, and this was a huge showing of me being human. I am ashamed of it.

Episode 2: blind rage

An indefblock was dropped without prior notice, without even trying to hear my side of story. That simple fact made me blind with rage and incapable of self-reflection. This absolutely disrupted the whole process. And I misbehaved badly throughout this process because of my blind rage. I addressed the fact that the comment was never meant to be a threat and "ol' Betsy" is my imaginary horse in what was mostly western-style fluff, gibberish and word salad, but I didn't address this in a calm and civil way as I should have. The comment in question wasn't a useful contribution, but it was no physical threat either. Later on, I even threatened the CU-team with the removal of their sysop bit. This was uncivil (to put it mildly), but no physical threat. I'm sorry if anyone interpreted it as a physical threat.

Episode 3: T&S

I'm skipping over a few things chronologically here because for now, there is no point in going into details until T&S has responded.

Several people are skeptical. Several checkusers have suggested that I made off-wiki death threats. I say it never happened. It's understandable that at least some people will believe the checkusers, they are long-term trusted contributors, they are in the majority and it's my word against theirs. T&S is investigating the matter. I asked T&S to redact the erroneous insinuations that off-wiki threats exist. They confirmed that they would investigate on 31 March. T&S is slow but thorough, so this takes time. Hopefully the community and Commons will be able to move forward once T&S finishes the investigation.

Episode 4: T&S response

T&S has reviewed the request. They say that as upsetting the inaccurate content about me may be, they feel it is not an instance in which the Foundation should intervene because the Foundation does not typically curate wikis. Instead, T&S suggested I forward the request to the local oversight team, which has now been done.

Episode 6: Ombuds commission

Not sure what happened to episode 5, but the case has moved to the Ombuds commission. They have been discussing it since 30 April. As of 25 September 2020, they still are.


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I know it won't happen anytime soon

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