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Hah, nice test Wonderfool :-)! Some articles are quite stubby indeed, and I'm planning to do something at them. Btw have you checked Speciaal:Longpages already? That's something we're much prouder of, actually ;-). HaafLimbo 10 apr 2006 13:47 (CEST)

Nice test indeed :-). By the way, Hièremiet isn't an animal, but a religious way of life (en:Hermit) and Elisabeth van Portugal is written by Aelske, not by me (I stated this in the initial edit summary). cicero 10 apr 2006 18:42 (CEST)
Wow, the page on Limburg grammar must have taken ages to write. I'm very impressed, you should be proud of them, being such a small Wikipedia community. I'll do a similar test on another small Wikipedia, maybe Allemanisch or Slovenscina or Brezhoneg or bil-Malti, and see how it compares. --Wonderfool 28 apr 2006 19:46 (CEST)
I did a Faroese 10 random pages test, and they are 6/10 about Faroe Islands. Here you are 2/10 about Limburgish things. --Wonderfool 11 mei 2006 16:24 (CEST)