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Deutsch: Imaginäres Portrait von Aristophanes (das war in der Tat eine Glatze).
English: Imaginary portrait of Aristophanes (who was in fact bald).
Español: Retrato imaginario de Aristófanes (que en realidad era calvo).
Français : Portrait imaginaire d'Aristophane (qui était en fait chauve).
Italiano: Ritratto immaginario di Aristofane (che era in realtà calvo).
Português: Retrato imaginário de Aristófanes (que na verdade era careca).
Datum <1896
Middel Engraving
English: This book illustration was apparently copied from this one (comparison is easier with this small but flipped crop), which is reputedly made after a Roman bust (an imaginary portrait too). The picture itself is a low-res scan of what was most certainly an engraving (for reproduction in a 1896 printed book). The digital source doesn't provide credits for the illos.
Brón/Fotograaf Project Gutenberg, eText 12788: Charles Dudley Warner (ed.) & al., Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, Connoisseur Edition, vol. II, 1896, Aristophanes, Vignette portrait of Aristophanes
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